Are Wifi Internet Connections Open?

Did you know that your wireless internet access signal can extend beyond your house walls and out on the streets? Your next door neighbor and anyone parked nearby can open their laptops and see your wireless signals.

Routers and broadband modems have pre-installed user name and passwords known to every hardware and software engineer. They are easy to guess based on the SSID of your wireless signal. One a wireless signal is detected and connected, knowing its IP is very easy. Jumping from one IP to another and tracking its router just takes a few seconds. Sitting in one city a hacker can visit another cities modem through your connection. Once he gets to this modem, viewing the source code revels its user name and password.

Roaming all around the city we found many wireless internet connects open without security enabled with the same SSID. These are mainly due to hardware vendors use the same SSID to install your connections. The password is usually “admin” or “password” for most routers of Cisco and Huawai.

Sending spam emails through these hacked accounts have been a common feature in recent times. The user email is genuine.

Suggestion for securing your network:

1. Change the default username and password of your components

2. Restrict network for connections

3. Install WEP or WAP password

4. Do not broadcast SSID

These suggestions will surely help individual users to prevent crime over the internet. Hackers searching for open WiFi connections will not be able to send emails using your accounts. Any crime committed by them will not be your responsibility.