Best SEO Extensions For Magento Developers In 2021

When it comes to eCommerce development, Magento is always the first choice for both developers and business owners. Undoubtedly, Magento is the most powerful, open-source, and feature-rich eCommerce platform now in the global market. Magento powers nearly 36 percent of the websites today. And one of the key reasons why it has turned out to be a favoured choice for eCommerce development and why eCommerce business owners prefer choosing Magento developers for their projects is its SEO-friendly nature and the availability of plenty of SEO extensions that come with the platform.

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is an important aspect of every website. Staying ahead in the competition and on the SERPs is important and this is the reason why it is crucial to have an optimised website. SEO is important as it helps to boost the rank of the site, makes the site more visible on the SERPs, helps to drive more traffic to the site, and ensures faster and increased conversions on the site. An SEO-friendly website can convert visitors into customers much faster.

Well, Magento stands out to be a great choice for building online stores as it comes with a pool of SEO extensions. Making a website SEO-friendly is easier with this eCommerce platform. And some of the latest Magento 2 SEO extensions are filtered and shared here for you. Take a look.

A checklist of the top 2 SEO extensions Magento developers must know.
Though there are a plethora of Magento 2 SEO extensions available today, only the best ones are shared here. Making use of these extensions is important to end up with a fully optimised and high-ranking online store.

Google Custom Search Integration:

The Google custom search integration extension ensures to enhance the search engine functionality of the e-store. Actually, it makes use of the search algorithm of Google to offer accurate search results to the customers. Searching and finding exactly the desired products become easy for the customers when you integrate this particular extension in your Magento 2 store. Moreover, the store owners can enable the autocomplete feature to make the searching process faster and easier for the customers.

SEO suite ultimate Magento 2 extension:

This is a one-for-all extension that can be integrated into your Magento 2 store that includes different types of on-page optimisation actions. The SEO suite ultimate Magento 2 extension uses advanced templates for all types of product pages to optimise the metadata, SEO names, URL keys, meta descriptions, and many more details of the store. Furthermore, the extension also helps to remove all duplicate content, set redirects, helps to optimise all web pages and offers benefits in terms of SEO to the online stores.

Magento 2 SEO toolkit:

This Magento 2 SEO toolkit is an amazing SEO extension that ensures more visibility of your store on different search engines, can help in increasing traffic, increases conversions, and widens your customer base. Integrating this extension in your store can also help in analysing the analytical data on the site. All you need to do is just click on the platform’s ‘SEO Toolbar’ button to add rich snippets to the site and attract more customers. Page redirects and advanced pagination can also be used for enhancing the store indexing and for avoiding broken links.

The SEO Pro extension:

It increases the website visibility, resolves on-page SEO issues, develops XML sitemap, resolves broken links, builds meta tags, integrates Facebook pixel, and boosts the search engine ranking of your store. The extension also helps to automatically replace the predefined keywords with suitable links on the products pages.

Improved Layered Navigation Extension:

This Magento 2 extension was designed to offer faster AJAX product filtering and for generating SEO-friendly URLs. It also helps to improve the customer experience by offering features and functionalities that make navigation easier, faster, and better on the e-store.

Magento 2’s Google Rich Snippet:

If you want to have a fully optimised e-store for your business and if you want to get the maximum conversion benefits from your store then integrating this extension can be a great idea. The Google Rich Snippets designed by Amasty is an amazing extension that can boost your site’s search rank and can take your website to the top of the search engines. Generating advanced snippets, aster site indexation, and the creation of breadcrumbs are some of the features offered by this extension.

So, these were the best Magento 2 SEO extensions you must know about and integrate into your website to boost its ranking, offer easy search results, bring more customers and traffic to the store, and take it straight to the top on the SERPs.