Cheap Computer Repair Does Not Mean Bad Computer Repair

When people are looking for cheap computer repair they need to consider a few important things. The first is you get what you pay for. This does not mean you can’t find a great cheap computer repair company. I say this because many times the cheaper person is not insured and does not offer a guarantee. A perfect example of this is just last week. I had a customer who gave me call and said they needed their computer repaired. They took it to a guy they found on craigslist and yes he was cheap but the guy also had their computer for a full week and the issue was not resolved. He did say he had 20 years of computer repair experience but they still got burned.

When choosing a cheap computer repair company always ask how long the company has been in business. If they have only been open a few months consider going some were else. 85{cc12b7114af296fe61c7a83e62f2e237e14327a605f63929d43ebcea78a5b0f7} of all companies do not make it to the one year mark.

Another great question to ask is if they have any computer certifications. At the very least they should have an A+ certification. This is the most basic cert in the industry.

When you find someone who offers a great price ask about any guarantees and if the price includes the full cost of the repair. Some places charge by the hour. I never go this route for computer repair. The tech might quote you $25 dollars an hour and say it will only take 2 hours to repair. Then 5 hours later you paid double what you wanted. The guarantee matters as well. Being in the business I can tell you that yes 90{cc12b7114af296fe61c7a83e62f2e237e14327a605f63929d43ebcea78a5b0f7} of the time I am able to remove the virus the first time. However you really do not fully know if the virus is gone until a few days later. If you missed one trace the thing can reactivate and that is were the guarantee comes into place.

Having you computer repaired online for software issues and viruses is the cheapest way to go hands down. Be sure to find one that has a “No Fix No Fee” policy and that charges by the service and not the hour. This way you know ahead of time if the issue is not fixed you do not pay and you know exactly how much the repair will cost ahead of time. Be sure and ask what kinds of guarantees the company offers as well. If your issue comes back you want to know it will be taken care of with out any further costs to you.