Do I Need a Copywriter?

The lifeblood of any business promotion is persuasive copywriting.

Because if all you’ve got to say is something your customers are not interested in, it doesn’t matter if you write it in gold on the cheek of their favorite film star. They’ll probably still ignore you.

But if your favorite film star gives you a special phone number to call directly to their hotel room that night… it doesn’t matter if it’s scribbled in crayon on a soggy napkin.

It’ll get read… understood… and acted upon immediately!

So the message is critical. And how you say it is surprisingly important.

Think of how easily someone can turn you off with just a look, or a careless word. Even when you WANT to listen to them. It’s distracting at best… and a complete shut-down at worst. That’s what weak copy does, too.

(See, it doesn’t even have to be ‘lousy’… just ‘weak’ or ‘uninspired’ will do the same thing)

Now remember the last time you were reading something that had you so caught up, it was like you were right there in real life? Time flew by for you in just a few minutes, while you went right along to read the next paragraph… then visit the website they suggested. Or to buy the last item on sale, or make a quick phone call, charge card in hand.

That’s good copy.

That’s not something you can afford to do without if you’re in business. In these times, or any other. Not if you want to hold on to the customers you already have. And to catch the ones your competitors are losing (or ignoring) on your way to doubling your business this year.

Here’s the deal:
If your offer is so good that you can scribble ‘anything’ on a napkin and everybody is ALREADY calling… you probably don’t need me.

But if you’re really good at your business, and just need a good direct-response copywriter to help you tell the rest of the world about it… find one fast. It’s a lot easier than trying to do it yourself. Most likely, a lot more profitable, too.

Isn’t that what you’re in business for?