Enterprise SEO Service Reporting Expectations


While an entire library of books have been written on Search Engine Optimization, a single article cannot do the topic justice. However, some basic SEO reporting tools can help website owners improve their overall results by doing a better job with their individually chosen keywords, rankings and how they stand against their competitors.

Search Engine Optimization providers have a wealth of SEO reporting tools at their disposal, so improving your search rankings can be accomplished affordably, quickly and easily, if you have the desire and appropriate know how at your disposal. Choosing a search engine optimization consulting firm will go a long way toward “getting found, generating more leads, and ultimately converting those leads into customers. Search engines are a huge source for generating traffic to your web site, that is, if your site is optimized with the proper keywords, continually updating a static site to an integrated system utilizing current SEO reporting tools. Google AdWords, Advanced Web Ranking, Search Engine Commando Pro, Raven and Web Position are all SEO reporting software that can help improve keyword functionality, but it takes someone with expertise to use them wisely. Your SEO service provider has these and other tools available to assist.

The Foundation: Keywords

Because consumers are tired of conventional advertising, constant bombardment of messaging to “buy this,” or “try that,” they have embraced searching for information about products or services on the internet. The search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc.) rely on keywords to find sites that feature the keywords for which you are searching. Your website is designed to target certain keywords. The service or individual that originally put your site together utilized specific keywords at the onset. SEO has become much more sophisticated in the past couple of years, and therefore your site is more than likely outdated. The SEO reporting tools that are used to gear your site for enhanced rankings on the search engine must be designed appropriately. Page titles, headers, on-page text, inbound links and other factors all play a role in driving your website to the top of the SEO page ranks. Your goal should be to “own” the first few listings, if not the entire first page of search results.

The critical aspects of keywords fall into two categories, selecting and prioritizing. You need to look at the keywords used on your site carefully, and whether they are relevant. Start this exercise by creating a list of keywords you would like to use. This can be a group exercise with staff, or with an SEO Agent. Specific attention should be paid to relevancy, assessing keyword competitiveness and the level of authority your site displays in relation to your competitors. All of this can be accomplished through a comprehensive selection and prioritization of the keywords.

Selection of Keywords

There are a couple of things to be conscious of when selecting keywords. Do the keywords/keyword terms show up a lot in searches? Are the intended keywords relevant to your products or services? What is the relative competition? If a search of your keywords does not generate significant volume, you should eliminate them from your selections.

Prioritizing Keywords

There are two considerations when you elect to prioritize your selected keywords and keyword phrases. First of all, do they show a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors?

Secondly, will the use of said keywords/phrases improve profitability?

This is the beginnings of an organized approach to SEO. Books have been written on the subject that could fill a library. Your SEO service provider is at-the-ready with SEO reporting tools that can improve your search results.