Free People Finder With SSN Reverse Search

The internet has become an integral part of our everyday lives, and it is possible to find information on just about anything on the internet – this includes information about people. There are various resources online to help you with this.

Thanks to computer and database technologies, it has even become possible to find all the information you need on someone if you have something as simple as their phone number or social security number. The SSN is probably the most important piece of information you can have on someone. With just this number, it’s possible for you to obtain their full name, last known address, criminal record and credit history!

This is especially valuable to employers and landlords. This makes it very simple to have a full check done on someone before taking the decision to hire them or allow them to live in your building. It is important to remember to first verify their SSN before using it in any People Search Engines. This can be done for free on the United States Social Security Administration Website – They allow you to check up to ten SSN per day.

When using people finders it’s always best to use a reputable, paid service rather than a free alternative. I have personally been burnt using these free people finders. They do in fact give you the information for free, but what they don’t tell you is that they sell your information (given to them at sign up) to just about anyone who wants it, to cover their costs! This can be especially damaging if you are a business – for the sake of $5 – $20 is it really worth the risk?

So if you are looking to dig up all the information on someone based on their SSN – use a reputable service, pay a little money and get the information you need.

Joe Slovo has fallen victim to “free” people search engines, and has experienced first hand what fraudsters can do with your personal information.