Make-Up – You Are Not Your Eyelashes!

Make-Up - You Are Not Your Eyelashes

One of the things I find when I make-up different women, particularly amongst those of us that love make-up and have been applying it for as long as possible is that quite often one can have a fixation on one part of our face making that part of the face look stronger than all the rest. Fair enough if it is lips or eyes, it has long been the fashion to make one of these look stronger. Wearing a nude lipstick, if eyes are smoky and sultry or putting more emphasis on the lips with strong reds and pinks when the eyes are softer and more natural. This is not the issue. The problem I find the greatest is eyelashes!

I first came across this phenomenon years ago, when I colour analysed and made up a young beautiful business woman. Her colouring was natural light blonde and she had beautiful peachy skin and she arrived at my studio with enough black mascara on her lashes to keep me going for a year. I had to remove the black mascara before I could even start the session as that is all I could focus on! I really couldn’t think about or see anything else. I duly did the analysis and made my client up, suggesting a slightly lighter application of a different colour. This she found very difficult as she was so used to seeing her lashes every time she looked at herself. She did trust me enough however to change her ways and indeed wrote to me some months later saying that friends had complemented her several times on her new make-up look.

This is the problem however, that I find hardest to break in people – and with the advent of even more lash enhancing, smudge-proof, ultra – thickening mascaras women are getting more and more lash fixated – and if they see this look in the mirror everyday, they think it is normal!

It’s not! And can you tell me why everybody, regardless of their colouring, wears black mascara. It does not look good on blondes or redheads for a start – never mind if it is day or evening, thick or thin. Maklon Kosmetik Even on women with strong colouring who have worn it successfully for years, it can start and look quite ageing and they would find it better to pull back and wear a black-brown – much more flattering.

My general view is that mascara should subtly enhance the lashes and that those with thin lashes are well advised to try some of the thickening mascaras but in a complementary colour to their own colouring. Purples, greens, loud navies and black are best kept to the young or bold.

And whilst I am on the subject I think fake eyelashes are a godsend when applied properly for full on evening functions but why is it that every woman celebrity on television seems to feel the need to wear black false eyelashes? Even during the day. Do they think we don’t know or that we can’t see that they’re fake. Sometimes they can look ridiculous – surely that is not the aim?

So next time you apply your mascara, check what you look like in the mirror, try a little less and see how you look. Check what you look like in harsh daylight, not the half light in the morning when you put it on. If the colour is very obvious try a softer one. Make-up is there to enhance not to take over from your natural beauty.