Unlocking Growth: Tech Companies Fueling County Limerick Thriving Economy


Limerick, a county known for its rich cultural heritage, is making waves in the tech world. In addition to its prowess on the hurling field, Limerick has become a hotspot for tech innovation and investment. It’s a place where tradition meets technology, and the results are impressive. Let’s dive deeper into how this picturesque county in Ireland is turning into a bustling tech hub.

Limerick: A Cradle of Tech Talent

Limerick’s tech journey is underpinned by its vibrant community of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The county takes pride in being the birthplace of the Collison brothers, Patrick and John, who co-founded Stripe, one of the world’s leading online payment processors. Their success story serves as an inspiration to many budding tech talents in the region.

But the Collison brothers aren’t the only tech players with roots in Limerick. The county has a long history of hosting major foreign direct investment (FDI) companies, making it an attractive destination for tech giants. Companies like Analog Devices have established a strong presence in the Shannon region, contributing to the local economy and providing high-quality employment opportunities.

More recently, Eli Lilly, a renowned US pharma company, chose Limerick as the site for a significant expansion. This decision reflects not only the county’s tech-friendly environment but also its strategic importance in the global life sciences sector.

Tech Titans in County Limerick

Here’s a closer look at some of the leading tech companies currently driving growth and innovation in County Limerick:

1. Vitalograph: Elevating Healthcare Through Technology

Vitalograph, a UK-headquartered medical device company, is making significant strides in Limerick. The company has announced ambitious plans to hire 200 professionals at its new facilities in Clare and Limerick. These state-of-the-art facilities will serve as hubs for data analysts, web support service personnel, software engineers, QA experts, and IT support staff. Over the next two years, these positions will be filled, further enhancing Limerick’s reputation as a tech talent magnet.

2. Legato Health Systems: Pioneering AI and Data Analytics

Legato Health Systems, a US-based company, established an R&D hub in Limerick in late 2021. This hub is dedicated to advancing AI and data analytics technologies for the health insurance and assurance industries. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its plans to recruit 80 new employees, particularly in data science and software engineering roles. By the summer of 2023, Legato aims to have a workforce of 200 experts in its Limerick base.

3. Johnson & Johnson Vision: Focusing on Eye Health

Johnson & Johnson Vision, a division of Johnson & Johnson MedTech, specializes in designing and manufacturing products for eye health. The company has announced a €35 million investment in its Limerick facility, with the potential to create up to 200 jobs over the next few years. Job seekers can explore IT roles such as lead data engineer, supply chain data analyst, lead software developer, and Salesforce developer.

4. Analog Devices: Powering Semiconductor Innovation

Analog Devices, a US semiconductor corporation, is ramping up its presence in Ireland. The company is investing €100 million in a custom-designed facility for innovation and collaboration in the Raheen Business Park in Co Limerick. Known as the ADI Catalyst center, this facility is poised to play a pivotal role in the company’s European expansion. Analog Devices is aiming to have all 250 hires in place by 2025, with a strong focus on software and AI expertise. The company’s strategic areas of focus include Industry 4.0, sustainable energy, automotive electrification, and next-generation connectivity.

5. Kneat Solutions: Streamlining Life Sciences Processes

Kneat Solutions, led by Limerick native Eddie Ryan, specializes in automation and validation processes for life sciences organizations. The company announced plans to expand its workforce following the opening of a new facility in Limerick. With a commitment to creating up to 100 jobs, Kneat Solutions will be hiring professionals in various domains, including sales, marketing, research and development, and customer success. These new roles will bring Kneat’s total workforce to more than 300, further contributing to Limerick’s economic growth.

6. Stats Perform: Where Tech Meets Sports

Limerick has a strong affinity for sports, and it’s no surprise that it’s the EMEA base for sports-tech company Stats Perform. Earlier this year, the company announced its intention to hire for 20 full-time positions, spanning areas like business intelligence, learning and development, quality control, customer experience, and operations management. Additionally, Stats Perform planned to recruit 80 part-time roles in rugby and soccer data operations. All of these positions are based in Limerick, reinforcing the county’s status as a sports-tech hub.

7. Eli Lilly: Meeting Global Healthcare Demands

In January, US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly unveiled plans to hire 300 new employees in Limerick. The company is investing €400 million in a new manufacturing facility in the county. This facility will support Eli Lilly’s global manufacturing network for active ingredients used in medications, including its Alzheimer’s portfolio. The new roles will primarily cater to engineers, scientists, and operations staff, harnessing cutting-edge biologics manufacturing technology to produce essential treatments. Eli Lilly already employs approximately 2,300 individuals in Cork, further highlighting its commitment to Ireland.

8. Expleo: Expanding Horizons in Tech Services

Expleo, an engineering, tech, and consulting service provider, already has a presence in Dublin and Belfast. However, the company recently announced a €10 million investment in new regional hubs across Ireland, including Limerick, Galway, and Cork. The expansion entails the creation of 200 roles in software development, DevOps, software engineering, and technical engineering. Over the next two years, Expleo aims to increase its Irish workforce from 800 to 1,000. These roles are open to applicants from across Ireland, emphasizing the company’s commitment to fostering diverse talent.

9. Three: Connecting the Future

Towards the end of the last month, Three, a prominent telecommunications company, declared its plans to hire 175 new employees in Limerick. The company’s customer care center has been rooted in Limerick for the past two decades, where its team advises Three customers on ICT and internet of things (IoT) services and cost management. These new roles will be filled over the next four years, and they span a wide range of positions in customer care, operations, management, and team leadership, catering to varying levels of experience.

10. FileCloud: Shaping the Future of Data Management

FileCloud, a Texas-headquartered software company, has chosen Limerick as the location for its new R&D center. This strategic move is set to create 50 new jobs in the region. FileCloud’s commitment to Limerick is driven by its vision to establish the center as a focal point for its EMEA growth strategy. The company is actively hiring for technical and business roles across diverse sectors, including development, operations, support, research and development, sales, marketing, and general administrative support. Over the next two and a half years, these positions will be filled, further contributing to Limerick’s tech ecosystem.

11. WP Engine: Powering the Web with WordPress Expertise

WP Engine, a company specializing in managed hosting, e-commerce solutions, and enterprise offerings for WordPress, recently announced exciting hiring news. The company is hiring 20 professionals at its newly opened office on Henry Street in Limerick. WP Engine has had a presence in the city since 2016, and it currently employs 120 people there. The roles being offered include lead software engineer, senior DevOps engineer, and product designer positions. WP Engine’s commitment to Limerick reinforces its position as a leading provider in the WordPress ecosystem.

The Broader Impact of Tech Growth in Limerick

The influx of tech companies and the expansion of their operations in County Limerick are not just about job creation. They have far-reaching implications for the county and its residents. Here’s how:

  1. Economic Growth: The growth of tech companies translates into economic prosperity for Limerick. It brings in investments, increases consumer spending, and enhances the overall quality of life for residents.
  2. Diverse Job Opportunities: Limerick’s burgeoning tech sector offers a diverse range of job opportunities, from software engineering to customer care and data analytics. This diversity allows professionals from various backgrounds to find fulfilling careers.
  3. Skill Development: The presence of tech giants encourages skill development and upskilling among the local workforce. Companies often provide training and development programs, contributing to the region’s human capital.
  4. Innovation Hub: Limerick is becoming an innovation hub, attracting talent, entrepreneurs, and researchers. This fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the development of cutting-edge technologies.
  5. Global Visibility: The success stories of tech companies based in Limerick enhance the county’s global visibility. It becomes known not only for its heritage but also for its tech prowess.

Limerick’s Tech Transformation

County Limerick’s transformation into a thriving tech hub is a testament to its potential and the dedication of its residents and businesses. From established giants like Analog Devices to innovative startups like FileCloud, Limerick is embracing the tech revolution with open arms. With continued investments, a strong talent pool, and a supportive ecosystem, County Limerick is poised to make an even more significant impact on the global tech stage in the coming years. This journey is a remarkable fusion of tradition and technology, showcasing the best of both worlds.