Web Design North: Your Go-To Partner for Comprehensive Internet Marketing Services

Web Design North

Web Design North is a trusted company that offers a wide range of internet marketing services, tailored to meet the unique needs of clients. With years of experience in the field, the company has an extensive portfolio of user-friendly and professional-looking websites developed for satisfied customers. Their expertise extends from website consulting, development, and search engine optimization to graphic design, marketing writing, and web hosting. Clients can rest assured of receiving top-notch online marketing services at a reasonable price when partnering with Web Design North.

Unlocking Local SEO Success with Google My Business

In response to a query, a company spokesperson emphasized the importance of having a Google My Business (GMB) profile with a physical address as a crucial element of a local SEO strategy. This profile allows small businesses to secure a local map listing, directing traffic directly to their website or physical location. The spokesperson advised organizations to complete their GMB listing with as much information as possible and actively seek customer reviews.

Recent research estimates that 93 percent of users search online to find local businesses, and approximately 88 percent of local SEO mobile searches result in a phone call or store visit within 24 hours. Moreover, there has been a significant increase in “near me” queries. Hence, businesses that fail to leverage local SEO for these searches risk missing out on a valuable market segment. Web Design North has a proven track record of helping small businesses outrank large chain stores for over two decades. They achieve this by thoroughly reviewing a small business’s existing Google Business listing and optimizing it to rank higher in Google Maps search results.

The spokesperson further explained, “Maintaining a comprehensive profile with numerous reviews significantly enhances a business’s positioning. This is one of the most effective SEO strategies for small businesses, as Google Maps results typically appear at the top of search engine results. For more insights, customers can reach out to us.”

Web Design North’s Approach to Local SEO

To ensure clients achieve a high local ranking, Web Design North conducts a comprehensive Google Local Audit. This audit covers various aspects, including website speed, local SEO citations, SEO on key pages, and more. Subsequently, they implement optimization modifications to the client’s business listing, boosting its ranking on Google.

In addition to local SEO services, Web Design North is also renowned for its web design expertise. They are well-known for creating and designing user-friendly websites that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Web Design North is your go-to partner for a complete range of internet marketing services, including web design and local SEO. With their years of experience and commitment to delivering quality results, clients can trust them to establish a strong online presence and grow their business effectively. For businesses seeking cost-effective link-building services in Canada, Web Design North is the ultimate choice.